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1. Knowledge (How It Works)

November 6, 2009 2 comments

We need to understand where and how the money is actually made in an online business. A simple model of the internet business involves the following steps. For more details on each step, there are other posts in the appropriate category.

  1. Niche: Find a niche that has both a high level of interest and also high paying capacity. Then create a webpage that focuses on that niche.
  2. Traffic: Get targeted visitors (traffic) to this webpage. This is done using methods such as article marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social marketing, video marketing, joint ventures, blogging and so on.
  3. List: When traffic comes to your website, capture their email id in exchange for something of good value to them, such as a free valuable report or a free valuable newsletter. A collection of such email addresses is referred to as the LIST. And as anybody in the online business knows, the money is in the list.
  4. Products: You then provide useful information relevant to your niche to your list. You can also introduce products that will be of help to them in their niche. The products can be of two types – a) Affiliate Products (products belonging to others that will provide you an affiliate commission), and, b) Own Products (your own products, if any,┬áthat will be useful to your niche)
  5. Sale: A percentage of your list may purchase products from you. THIS IS WHERE YOU MAKE THE MONEY.

In this category of posts (Knowledge) we will be discussing these areas in greater detail.